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combination skin

Many people experience both dry skin and oily skin simultaneously, this is known to dermatologist as “combination” skin and is the most common skin type.

Kombinasjons hud
The T-zone is the area most commonly related to excessively oily skin conditions. In “combination” skin cases the cheeks in contrast to the T-sone is dominantly dry. The oily skin of the T-sone is dominated by larger pores and a higher level of sebum. The higher levels of oils and sebum in the T-sone promotes the development of blemishes, pimples and greasy/shiny skin conditions. 

Example of combinatin skin

What are the tell-tale signs of Combination skin?
The forehead, nose and chin, the T-zone, is often red with enlarged pores commonly accompanied with impurities and blackheads. In contrast the cheeks can be excessively dry, tight and stretched. This variation is caused by abnormal sebum generation over the area of the skin. 

How to treat Combination skin?
Good skin care routines are paramount, and in many cases are required both during the day and at night. A common mistake is to attempt to reduce the oil content of the skin by stripping it of essential fats. The skin may react to this treatment with an over production of sebum thus exaggerating the condition one is attempting to remove.

In order to tackle this problem correctly it is important to find the skin’s ideal balance, balanced products that aid in the correct level of sebum production is essential. Active ingredients such as fruit acids which remove dead skin cells and salicylic acid which extracts fats from skin pores are recommended for effective “combination” skin treatment and should by applied only to the areas with higher oil and fat content. Generally speaking, Azelaic acid and Niacinamide act well on “combination” skin.

We recommend
Using Acticlear Pads effectively help remove dead skin cells and promotes a healthy skin with the correct levels of sebum. Alternatively, Acticlear Gel is good, especially when used in combination with Hydractil Normalizer have well proven results. The Hydractil Normalizer is particularly effective, both as a moisturizing agent and to combat bacteria, greatly reducing redness and the removal of impurities. 

recommended products

Combination skin

Good skin routines morning and evening are important measures to balance a combination skin

recommended skincare

combination skin

1. Acticlear cleanser
2. Acticlear Gel (applied in the t-zone)
3. Hydractil Normalizer

1. Niactil Cleanser
2. Acticlear pads (2-4 x week)
3. Niactil 4%
4. Hydractil Normalizer