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dry skin

Many experience dry skin from an early age, the skin produces less of it’s natural oils and is therefore a very delicate skin type.

One often experiences dry skin as being overly sensitive. This is due to the fact that the skins natural barrier, the epidermis lacks the ability to produce adequate amounts of fats that act as the skins natural lubricant.

It is the skins natural lubricants that keep the skin moist and protects it from unwanted bacteria’s and free radicals. In order to effectively treat this condition one should add agents to the skin that maintain moisture and promote the skins natural ability to produce essential fats.

Why is the skin dry?
Chronic dry skin is caused by sebaceous gland lacking the ability to produce sufficient amounts of natural fats. The skins surface is covered by a layer of fat containing essential oil and fats, and with the loss or removal of this layer the skin losses its’s nature moisture retaining ability. Dryness can occur in all skin types especial in the colder and dryer Nordic countries. Under normal conditions the skin absorbs moister from the air but colder, dryer climates combined with a dry indoor environment result in higher rates of evaporation and less moisture can be absorbed to the skin. Excessively dry skin conditions can also be cause by inappropriate skin care products, containing inappropriate or damaging ingredients. Natural aging is also a key factor in the development of dry skin, the body’s cell regeneration process is slowed resulting in dryer skin.

Example of dry skin

What are the signs of overly dry skin?
The signs of excessively dry skin are roughness, a gradual change in color, becoming grey and lacking luster, dry and flaky areas becoming red, sore, prone to itching with the development of wrinkles and/or tightness. 

How we treat dry skin
Moisture must be re-introduced to the skin. The use of active ingredients that are similar to the skin’s natural fats such as Squalene and Glycerin are commonly used, enhancing the skin’s ability to maintain moisture naturally. Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, B, C and E are also used to strengthen the skin’s natural barriers and enhance and stimulate the skin’s natural ability to maintain moisture. With exceptionally dry skin conditions, applying correct moisturizing agents regularly is essential often several times a day.

recommended products

dry skin

Use moisturizing and protective ingredients, that strengthen and rebalance the skin barrier.

recommended skincARE

dry skin

1. Face Foam Cleanser
2. Face Formula
3. Super Hydration Cream
4. Nova Drops SPF 50+

1. Face Foam Cleanser
2. Pink Serum
3. Peeling Clay Mask (4-5 min, 2-3 times a week)
4. Super Hydration Cream

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