Sulfactil Cleanser

  • For acne and impure skin
  • For rosacea and seborrhea (eczema)

A uniquely restorative cleanser that is antibacterial and helps prevent breakouts. Most suitable for those with acne, rosacea, seborrhea, and oily and/or impure skin. The cleanser contains sulfur and salicylic acid, active ingredients that remove excess sebum and have antibacterial properties. Combine it with another Elixir cleanser for an enhanced effect.

Sulfactil Cleanser is an active cleanser that should be combined with other Elixir products. Remove dirt and make-up with your daily cleanser, and then use the Sulfactil Cleanser to wash your face.

It contains betaine, a mild, fat- and water-soluble amino acid. Salicylic acid 2% reduces excess sebum and exfoliates the pore lining. Sulfur 2% proves anti-inflammatory, keratolytic, and keratin-reducing.

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