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A good serum is always something to invest in as it’s the perfect base for your daily skincare routine. Serums often consist over highly concentrated active ingredients and has an even more profound property.

A good serum is always something to invest in as it’s the perfect base for your daily skincare routine. Serums often consist over highly concentrated active ingredients and has an even more profound property.

Why you should include a serum in your daily skincare routine?
A serum is designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and various active acids. Most often, serums are clear, gel-based or liquid, and tend to be less thick than a moisturizer. Serum’s molecules are able to truly penetrate the skin and have an active effect on the deepest level of the skin. A serum suitable for your skin condition, is applied directly to clean skin, under a daily moisturizer.

Retinext Corrective Advanced Serum

An effective serum that treats visible signs of aging and expect a significant overall skin improvement. The concentrated vitamin A derivate repairs sun-damaged skin and helps retain and maintain a young, renewed skin. In addition, the serum bolsters the skins defence mechanism while revealing smoother and more glowing skin. As the derivate is mild but active, and antibacterial, it’s also highly suitable for impure and sensitive skin conditions.

Retinaldehyde is a well-documented, unique, and stable Vitamin A that more readily converts to an all-natural Vitamin A acid than other retinoids. It gradually converts into its active form (retinoic acid) within the skin cells without causing little to no irritation. It stimulates and retains moisture by boosting the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Acticlear Eventone Serum
The serum treats and corrects an uneven skin tone caused by sun damage, melasma (hormonal pigmentation), or other common forms of hyperpigmentation. The product is highly concentrated in antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals and improve moisture levels. The active ingredients also have a skin-lightening effect.

Highly concentrated Kojic acid, Arbutin and Boerhavia Diffusa root blocks the enzyme tyrosinase, reduce hyperpigmentation and has lightening effects, revealing a smoother skin tone after only 3 months. The active ingredients all regulate melanocytes and is known for their role in skin pigmentation.

Ceactil Everyday Serum
A gentle serum rich in antioxidants and highly concentrated Vitamin C. It protects against free radicals and reduces inflammations. In addition, the ingredients help stimulate improved moisture levels and promote a smoother and more even skin tone. The active ingredients are carried by liposomes. It has an active yet gentle effect on the skin that helps prevent early signs of aging.

Ascorbyl glucoside 2 % is a derivative of Vitamin C combined with glucose. It is highly resistant to light, moisture, and air. It remains stable and is absorbed into the skin and gradually converted into L-ascorbic acid. Ingredients include the antioxidants A, B3, and peptides that stimulate and bring about a more enhanced antioxidant effect. It proves both soothing and softening.

Ceactil Advanced Serum
A rich vitamin C serum that nourishes and protects the skin using concentrated antioxidants and nurturing oils. The serum richly nourishes, and hydrates dry lifeless skin. It strengthens the skin and promotes increased moisture levels, skin elasticity, and a more even skin tone. The unique composition of active ingredients helps maintain healthier and fresher skin.

Compared to Ceactil Everyday Serum, vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside) is also highly concentrated in the Ceactil Advanced Serum. To differentiate, Ceactil Advanced Serum is more effective on pigmentation as it contains arbutin, and argan oil, avocado oil, almond oil and olive oil has softening, protective, healing and nourishing properties.

How to combine various serums?
Ultimately, one should combine products consisting of different active ingredients to achieve the desired result. Through guidance find the serums suitable for the individual skin challenge and condition. We daily experience that various serums with different active ingredients provide a synergy effect, resulting in the desired result.

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