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Sulfur – the key to fighting various skin problems

We are now launching a new and uniquely restorative cleanser suitable for those with constant acne breakouts, seborrhea (eczema), redness, and oily skin. The main ingredient is sulfur – an effective active ingredient, and the key to fighting various skin problems!

Sulfur has been on the market for several years, yet the active ingredient’s distinct smell still left people doubtful. However, we can now see that the use of the ingredient is increasing due to its unique qualities, namely in solving problems related to oily, sensitive, and impure skin. Sulfur has a unique set of properties that prove both keratolytic and antibacterial, without dehydrating or irritating the skin. Sulfur breaks down keratin and reduces clogged pores, and helps prevent further breakouts of acne and rosacea from occurring.

Regulating the buildup of keratin, as well as sebum, is one of the most important factors to consider in preventing and treating impure skin. This way, we prevent clogged pores and further bacteria from occurring. Therefore, we often use several different ingredients with the necessary protective and restorative properties, such as BHA, AHA, retinol, and azelaic acid.

BHA- and AHA-acids do exfoliate, but are not as antibacterial as sulfur. Retinol and Vitamin A acids exfoliate and reduce excess sebum. Azelaic acid has many of the same characteristics as sulfur, but it has a milder keratolytic effect. Therefore, we recommend combining the Sulfactil Cleanser with a customized skincare program. The cleanser should be used either just a couple of times a week, or daily when suffering from acne breakouts.

Sulfactil Cleanser

Betaine (fat- and water-soluble amino acid), salicylic acid 2%, and sulfur 2%.

Most suitable for:

Rosacea, acne, seborrhea, and oily skin. Most suitable in problem zones such as the t-zone, hair line, back, neck, and chest. It has a light peeling effect, kills Demodex (fungus) and bad flora.

How to Use:

This is an active cleanser that is to be combined with a milder cleanser – either just a couple of days a week or daily when suffering from breakouts. Remove dirt and make-up with your daily cleanser, and then use the Sulfactil Cleanser to wash your face.