Skin Program


For those with normal skin problems that tend to start during puberty or adolescence.

A skincare program for adolescents that experience impurities and oily skin. Many experience their skin changing during this period, as sebum production increases and moderate to severe outbreaks follow. Products are suitable for both male and females. Preemptive at-home skincare is advised in order to stop the problems from escalating.


1. Cleanse skin using Hydractil Gentle Cleanser

2. Use Niactil 4% as a day cream


1. Cleanse using Hydractil Gentle Cleanser

2. Use Acticlear as a night cream Acticlear might cause minor dryness to begin with.

  • If you experience dryness, limit the use of Acticlear to every second night, and alternate with Niactil 4%

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