Skin Program

Redness Fighter

For those that want to remove redness and impurities, and that experience flaky skin on their face.

An active skincare program suitable for sensitive skin, redness, impurities, and rosacea. Redness Fighter contains sulfur, green tea antioxidants, resveratrol, and SPF. Follow this routine every morning and night.


1. Cleanse using Hydractil Gentle Cleanser

2. Use Hydractil Normalizer as a serum

3. Use Ultradefense Green Tea SPF 22 as a day cream


1. Cleanse using Hydractil Gentle Cleanser

2. Use Acticlear. Combine with Niactil 4% over Acticlear if you experience dryness.

  • Sulfactil is directly applied to the affected area and locally where it is inflammed. Use 3-7 nights a week, or periodically as deemed tolerable.
  • Contains sulfur, an active ingredient characterized by its smell.

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