Skin Program

For Men

This skincare program is specifically made for men, as they tend to experience larger pores and rougher skin.

The products reduce impurities and fine lines, reveal a smoother skin complexion and protect the skin barrier. Expect to see results after 2-3 weeks, and continual improvement following long-term use.


1. Cleanse using Niactil Cleanser

2. Use Niactil 4% as a day cream


1. Cleanse using Niactil Cleanser

2. Use Acticlear as a night cream

  • Sun protection should be used during the summer
  • Extra moisture such as Ceactil Everyday Cream or
  • Hydractil Lite Cream can be used upon necessity
  • Acticlear might cause minor dryness to begin with.
  • If you experience dryness, use Acticlear every other night, and alternate with Niactil 4%

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