Skin Program

At-Home Peel

For those that want a smoother and more even skin complexion.

An effective skincare program. Expect quick skin improvement. The products give the skin a more even and glowing appearance. Reduces blackheads, acne, and oily skin. Use daily to enjoy clean and soft skin. The natural peel is based on fruit acid with glycolic acid and removes dead skin cells.


1. Cleanse using Hydractil Gentle Cleanser

2. Use Niactil 4% as a serum

3. Use Ultradefense Green TEA SPF 22 as a daycream


1. Cleanse using Hydractil Gentle Cleanser

2. Use Elixir Pads 10%-20% (4-7 times a week)

3. Use Smoothing Cream 10%-20% as a night cream

  • Take a quick break from treatment if you experience irriation
  • Start at a 10% concentration for a milder skincare program, and then gradually increase to 20%
  • Hydractil Lite Cream or Hydractil Rich Cream to be applied to the skin if your experience dryness and/or irritation.
  • Expect to see results after 2-3 weeks.

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