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Setting Clear Skin Goals

What do I want? Why do I want it? When? How? These are all good questions to ask yourself when working more resolutely towards an improved skin condition.

Irrespective of age and skin condition, it is important to set clear goals and build a plan as to how you go by achieving them.

Tailor Your Skincare Program
A tailored skincare program starts by asking the client a few basic questions. This provides us the foundation by which we can proceed. 

– What sort of skin improvement do you want?
– Why is this important to you?
– When do you want to start treatment?
– How do we achieve optimal skin improvement?

Setting clear skin goals and using high-quality products are important in achieving satisfactory results. However, this does not suffice for many people. Challenges vary depending on our skin type and condition, so they need to be individually tailored. 

Some will experience rapid improvement following a skin analysis and proper guidance, while others will not. This can result in disappointment, a sense of failure, and giving up all together.

Therefore, it is important to set long-term plans. This means planning based on the seasons, as our skin changes throughout the year. Modifying your skincare program during the year could be highly beneficial to your skin. 

Annie´s Skin Story
In June, Annie (26) reached out to us for (skincare) guidance, and the results were immediate. 

Annie had made changes to her contraception, which led to a hormonal imbalance, which then led to impurities and blemished skin. Her skin was plagued by excess sebum and constant outbreaks.

She had tried various product series (without much of a plan), and she was now seeking a tailored skincare program.

We created the following skincare program for Annie:

1. Sulfactil Cleanser
2. Niactil 4%
3. Ultradefense SPF 30 (summer)

1. Hydractil Gentle Cleanser
2. Acticlear Pads (4-5x/week)
3. Niactil Advanced Pro every night

How long did it take until you started noticing improvement?
It only took 2-3 weeks until I noticed a difference. It’s pretty incredible to compare pictures of my skin now to a few months ago. My skin feels more in balance and it’s as if the skin I used to have has returned, stripped of the impurities. When a couple of outbreaks have occurred, it is very noticeable how quickly the impurities go away.

Have you used prescription products too?
Only to begin with. I had a prescription cream (Epiduo) that I used before I got in contact with Elixir. The products Elixir gave me could be used in combination with that cream, yet I stopped using the cream shortly after since the Elixir products did the job!

Have you had clinic treatments during this period?
No, I have not.

Do you have a “favourite” product that will continue to be a part of your skincare program?
Niaictl 4%! It works incredibly well under a layer of makeup and works wonders for my skin.

Have any pre-existing or new skin problems occurred that you wish to improve upon?
As soon as I started using the products, I quickly noticed my skin improving. It has become more stable and balanced, but it does take a few weeks/months until the skin is healed. The scars left behind from the skin outbreaks are now my biggest problem. As they won’t magically disappear overnight, I´ll just have to be patient and stay disciplined with my skincare routines.

Thank you Annie for sharing your skin story!

Do you want help/guidance? Reach out to Chief Adviser Marianne Fjørtoft (marianne@cosmedica.no).