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An Extension of your Skincare Routine 

Consider the daily wear and tear your lips endure – from eating and speaking to…

Consider the daily wear and tear your lips endure – from eating and speaking to exposure to environmental factors like pollution and the sun. Just like the rest of your face, your lips deserve consistent care as part of your skincare routine. 

Dry lips are a common concern, and while numerous lip balms promise hydration, they often consist of oil and wax blends without active ingredients. Consequently, these products tend to stay on the skin’s surface, failing to penetrate deeper layers. 

Applying lip balm provides temporary relief for dry and chapped lips, but it also “tricks” the skin into thinking it’s producing enough moisture. This can lead to the skin pausing its natural moisture production, and you may feel the need to apply the product more frequently. In other words, you can become dependent on it. 

Peptalk Lip Balm stands apart by incorporating a diverse array of active and moisturizing components that penetrate deep within the skin layers. These ingredients work harmoniously to boost natural moisture production, collagen, and elastin. 

Key ingredients in Peptalk:


Peptides have long played a vital role in the skincare industry, acting as microscopic messengers that optimize cell functions. Peptalk elevates the peptide experience by combining them with Myramaze and moisturizing oils, delivering a comprehensive lip solution that addresses all our lip product desires. 


Myramaze® is an active moisturizing ingredient with numerous lip benefits. It restores skin radiance, reduces sensitivity, and optimizes moisture retention for up to 48 hours. This enhances the skin’s barrier, ensuring better moisture retention and fullness for the lips while reducing lines and wrinkles in the lip area and its surroundings. 

Almond Oil and Olive Oil 

Both oils possess strong moisturizing properties that help soften and hydrate the lips while forming a protective moisture barrier to prevent the loss of natural moisture. These properties are particularly important for lip care products, as the lips have thinner skin and tend to dry out faster than other areas of the skin. 


Provides a pleasant cooling sensation with immediate relief for dry or chapped lips. 

How to use the product:

Peptalk’s meticulous development focuses on repairing and maintaining moisture, promoting healthy, well-nourished lips. Whether used as needed during the day or as a therapeutic component of your daily skincare routine, Peptalk is the lip care solution everyone can benefit from. 

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