Get to know the Hydractil-family

We differentiate between eight product families. All of the families contain active ingredients, suitable for various skin conditions and skin types. We now introduce the Hydractil-family.

We differentiate between eight product families. All of the families contain active ingredients, suitable for various skin conditions and skin types. We now introduce the Hydractil-family.

For the Hydractil-family «Hydration» is key and aim towards all skin conditions and skin types. The products are nourishing and nuturing and contribute to strengthen and balance the skin barrier. All products are recommended to combine with other products, to provide moisture and to strengthen the skin surface.

A damaged skin barrier lacks the ability to protect the skin against harmful environmental toxins could penetrate your skin, resulting in an unbalance and weakened skin. Additionally, the skin natural waters inside your body, manage to evaporate and leaving your skin completely dehydrated. The Hydractil-family consist of five products, and possess strengthening and moisturizing properteries.

Hydractil Gentle Cleanser
The first step towards improving your skin health is by finding the right cleanser. Hydractil Gentle Cleanser is a cleanser that gently removes makeup, impurities, and excess sebum.

Active ingredients:
It contains active ingredients such as Green tea and Vitamin E, that possess antibacterial and protecting properties.

Betaine/trimethylglycine, a mild amino acid that removes excess oil and impurities without proving irritative. Is therefore perfect for sensitive skin.

Hydractil Gentle Cleaner is used in the morning and at night. Massage (one pump) into moist skin with lukewarm water and then rinse thoroughly.

Hydractil Lite Cream
Nourishing and moisturizing light-weight cream, suitable for dehydrated combination and oily skin conditions.

Active ingredients:
Green Coffee Bean-extract and Green tea, and vitamin A protect the skin barrier from free radicals and damages, and has soothing and strengthening properties.

Carnosine protects the skin cells from UV-damages and pollution.

Rosemary extract (rosmarinyl glucoside) prevent collagen degradation and maintain the correct levels of skin hydration.

Suitable for all skin conditions and product combinations. Perfect as a post-peel product to provide moisture and strengthen.

Hydractil Rich Cream
A product for providing necessary nourishment and moisture for a dehydrated combination or dry skin conditions.

Active ingredients:
Glyserin, Squalane, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and E, Coenzyme Q10 and Green tea-extract. Does not contain perfume, lanolin or irritating chemicals.

Suitable moisturizing products for all skin conditions. Perfect post-peel product.

Hydractil Repair Cream
Nourishing and repairing rich moisturiser. Active antioxidants provide strengthening abilities and normalize a damaged skin barrier. Moisture binding agents provide moisture and maintain a strength.

Active ingredients:
7 different herbals have anti-inflammatory properties that protect and repair.

Shea oil is extracted from the African Butyrospermum Parkii tree, and is known for its nurturing and healing properties. The ingredient is Noncomedogenic and is therefore also suitable for oily and impure skin.

Recommended use:
Especially suitable for those who experiance continuous dry and dehydrated skin.

Hydractil Normalizer
Strengthening and moisturizing speciality product for damaged skin barrier. Highly concentrated antioxidants have calming, antibacterial and healing properties.

Active ingredients:
Reservatrol possess a two-fold effect, as it both neutralize free radicals and boost the skins antioxidants levels. As a result, the skin can better defend and repair itself. Has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthen blood vessels, resulting in reduced skin redness.

Caffeine improves cell renewal and reduce inflammations and sun-damaged cells.

Green tea-extract prosess the ability to fight off DNA damage in skin cells by promoting DNA repair. The active ingrediens ability to reduce sebum coupled with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties makes the ingredient suitable for acne and oily skin conditions.

Troxerutin (a from of rutin) protects blood and lymphatic vessels by controlling their tension, flexibility and permeability. As a result, it prevents blood and lymphatic capillaries from breakage, and reduce facial erythema.

Pentapeptide (Palmitoyl tripetide-5) is a tripeptide which protect and boost collagen production and improve skin texture. It also strengthens the skin barrier and is therefore especially suitable for rosacea skin.

Hyaluronic acid maintain the correct levels of skin hydration and make the skin stronger and healthier.

Suitable for all skin conditions, but especially Rosacea and red, sensitive skin conditions. Strengthening post-peel, DermaPen and laser properties. Appropriate combined with retinols and fruit acids, but also inflamed acne conditions.

Hydractil Daily Defense SPF 15
An ultra-light moisturizer with UVA and UVB filters perfect for your daily protection. It contains a combination of reparative and protective ingredients that prevent and repair daily incurred UV damage. In addition, the mild active ingredients help maintain improved moisture levels, reduce free radicals, reveal a more even skin tone, and strengthen the skin barrier.

Active ingredients:
Keylator TM
is an super-antioxidant complex that inhibits the breakdown of healthy cells by protecting against oxidation. The complex has an active ant-aging effect and is a cell-communicating ingredient that help the skin strengthen and repair itself.

Carnosine, Niacinamide and Q-10 protect and maintain a stronger skin barrier and protect against inflammation.

Ultrasome TM: Patented enzyme 5-endonuclease repair and protect. Protects the skin from damage promoted by UV radiation. It’s called a restricted enzyme, as it is able to repair significantly damaged DNA. Further, it still retain its ability to repair other damages.

Matrixyl 3000-Pentapeptid Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, an ingredient with cell-communicationg properties and repair broken collagen/the connective tissue from sun damage. Stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

Combine the product with a serum or cream applied beforehand, which is appropriate to your skin condition. Apply the cream 30 minutes before sun exposure/tanning. Repeat for every two hours, especially after swimming/showering.

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