The Nova Collection

Our three new and innovative products give you high sun protection while maintaining a beautiful summer glow. Your three must-haves this summer!

Focus of attention

Acticlear Gel – Our problem solver

If you struggle with large pores, rough skin, acne, blackheads, pigmentation, or Rosacea outbreaks, this may be the product for you!


A proper vitamin-boost!

Ceactil Everyday Serum is suitable for most skin types and conditions. It promotes moisture, protects against and repair cell damage, and provide and more even skin tone with freshness and glow.


Understand our serums!

A good serum is always something to invest in as it’s the perfect base for your daily skincare routine. Serums often consist over highly concentrated active ingredients and has an even more profound property.


Get to know the Hydractil-family

We differentiate between eight product families. All of the families contain active ingredients, suitable for various skin conditions and skin types. We now introduce the Hydractil-family.


Niactil for day and night

A skincare duo containing Elixir Cosmeceuticals two favourite products.  


Simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes

Glyactil Smoothing Cream contain fruit acids are active ingredients that effectively speed up the skin…


Peeling the entire body!

Most of us have a good skincare routine for our face, yet we tend to forget to give our body, hands, and feet the same regular treatment.


The properties of Niactil Advanced Pro

The product contains concentrated ingredients suitable for most skin types. Its effects are gentle, yet active – and in turn, it strengthens, repairs, adds moisture and removes dead skin cells.