About elixir cosmeceuticals

feel, see and experiance the effect

Elixir Cosmeceuticals uses active ingredients with documented effects, aimed at various skin types and conditions across all age groups.

The brand is developed by Norwegian dermatologists. They have based their knowledge and expertise on how individual active ingredients contribute to various skin improvements. 

We have developed a skin series consisting of 8 families, each focusing on different active ingredients. We recommend a customized skin program containing complementary active ingredients from each family to ensure as optimal a treatment as possible.

The skin is our largest organ and needs to be cared for and loved for appropriately.

Marianne Fjørtoft, Chief Advisor

The skin protects our internal organs and helps maintain an external barrier towards stress and other burdens.

The skin changes with the seasons and throughout the different phases of our lives. During my 32 years in the industry, I have experienced the importance of continually assessing the skin type and condition and adjusting skin programs accordingly. 

Remember, the key to good results is good skin routines, both in the morning and at night.